Are you looking for a professional Web Developer?

Yes, I am.


Welcome to my website.

Are you seeking a professional Web Developer? that is great because then you know that your applications not only look professional but will also work properly.

I am Tim Derksen and I am a professional Web Developer/Designer. I have already developed a few applications for example “TD-CMS” Or “TD-Framework”.

If you are interested then you can contact me using my contact form on the contact page


What is TD-Software?

TD-Software is a collection of all the software that I have written so far, for example TD-CMS, TD-RMA and a few others.


What is TD-CMS?

TD-CMS is a CMS-system which I have built myself. At first, I built it just for fun and to learn more about PHP. But as time went on it became a program that you can seriously use to build a professional Blog website. infect this website is powered by TD-CMS.